What is LiFi Technology & How far are we from enjoying Li-Fi?

Li-Fi technology

What is LiFi Technology & How far are we from enjoying Li-Fi?

Li-Fi is a technology for wireless communication between devices using light to transmit data in a high speed. In its present state only LED lamps can be used for the transmission of visible light. The term was first introduced by Harald Haas during a 2011 TEDGlobal talk in Edinburgh. – Wikipedia

How Li-Fi Works

This particular idea was first developed by Prof. Harald Haas in a single of its TED talc this year. The description of LIFI could be provided as “”LIFI is higher speed bi-directional networks plus mobile communication of the particular data with the help of light. LIFI involves several lights that type a wireless network, along with an almost identical consumer experience with Wi-Fi, other than for the application of the range.

So, yes, where you have a lighting bulb, you can discover an online connection, but right here the phrase lamp does not really refer to the normal lighting bulbs in our house, they are especially adapted BROUGHT lights that can transfer data. As you may know, LED is usually a semiconductor and such as all semiconductors is changing properties. This switching function is employed to send information. The image below clarifies the way the data is carried using light.

Each BROUGHT lamp should be driven by an LED motorist, to get this BROUGHT driver information from the net machine and the data is going to be encoded in the motorist. In line with the coded data associated with the LED lamp sensations at a quite high rate that can not end up being detected by the individual eye. But the photodetector alternatively is able in order to read all flicker may be and this information is decoded after exorbitance and processing.

The global internet consumption is growing exponentially that the amount of data consumed in the 2016 is higher than the entire data consumed right from the birth of internet. It is also estimated that there will be 20 billion internet connected devices by the end of 2018, whereas the world population itself is just 7.6 billion – News

How far are we from enjoying Li-Fi?

The idea of Li-Fi is not merely a theoretical concept, in reality when Prof. Harald Haas (founder of Li-Fi) the particular concept of Li-Fi released in a TED video clip he made a useful demonstration by streaming the live HD video display screen the audience and allow them through technology defeated dumb. Since then, several brilliant minds commenced in order to contribute and improve idea of Li-Fi. Today there are usually companies like Pure LIFI that are ready to provide LIFI service for your own home or office through their LIFI dongle that will can you should be plugged directly into your USB notebook computer plus read data from the changed LIFI light. And we are usually not far from the application of our reading lights not really only illuminate or table, but also for web connection.

Advantages of Li-Fi technology include:

Performance: Li-Fi works on apparent light technology. Since houses and offices already have got LED lamps for lights the same way to obtain lighting works extremely well to transmit information. Therefore, it is extremely efficient regarding cost plus energy. Light must end up being enabled to transmit information, so if to become alarmed regarding lighting can be decreased to a point exactly where it looks forward in order to eye, but is in fact still on and functioning.

Availability: Wherever a lighting source, there is the particular internet. Incandescent lamps are usually everywhere – in houses, offices, shops, malls plus even airplanes, which signifies that high-speed data transmission can be available everywhere.

Protection: An important benefit from Li-Fi is security. Since lighting can not pass by means of opaque structures, Li-Fi Web access is simply offered to customers within a room and may not be violated simply by users in other areas or buildings.

Disadvantages of Li-Fi technology include:

  • Internet can not be used without a light source. This would be the areas and circumstances where Li-Fi may be used to limit.
  • Due to the fact the utilization of noticeable light and light does not complete through walls, the product range signal is limited by bodily barriers.
  • Other sources of light can interfere with the signal. One of the biggest potential drawbacks intercepting signals outside. affect sunlight signals, interrupted Internet.
  • A whole new infrastructure with regard to Li-Fi should be built.