The Ultimate Revelation about the Website Design

The Ultimate Revelation about the Website Design

Creating the website is more than just being creative and having lots of ideas being put into good use. It also takes research and analysis in order to see what work and what doesn’t work on the website that is similar to yours. Knowing a few website design tips for a small business will help to put your own on site on the right track with the right perspective in mind.

The following are the elements which you can take a look at and learn from your competitor’s website design:


A Homepage should be able to give an overview to the visitor of what the site is all about. It is the very first page that anyone who is looking for a specific product or a service land’s on.

Take into consideration the type of industry that you are in. See how each of your competitors has crafted their homepage to see the similarities and differences which differs you from them.


A website’s design is always aimed at the best interest of the visitor. A poorly designed website layout does not appeal to human eyes, but it is also a major concern for the Search Engines.

A good layout allows the visitors to see the main elements of the site easily and quickly, and it should also be clean and clutter free since it is your business website.

Color Scheme

 Color Scheme is an important part of your business branding which creates an attractive affect. This involves both particularly LOGO and website design including as how the colors and combinations are interacting with each other.

Do the colors fit your industry? Are the colors too bright or too dark? Is the color scheme consistent with all of your online accounts (i.e. Social media accounts, logo, website, blog, etc.)?

Social Media accounts

You will rarely see an advice on website design that doesn’t have a tip about social media. Being up-to-date with web design also involves having social media buttons connected to specific accounts. Website themes and templates always have the social media buttons included.

Visitors are curious of the elements on a website, so they tend to click on them just to check out or if they’re interested enough, they’ll follow or engage.

Mobile Friendly

It’s only logical to design mobile friendly website since the consumption of digital media is increasing day by day.

The goal is always to get more leads and converts them into paying customers, so implementing a responsive design is your first step towards mobile friendliness.


Some may not consider content as one of the design tips for small business, but it is. Whatever you craft for your target audience is all part of your web design plan and process, and content is one of the major elements that should match well with the overall look and feel of your website.

Check which of your competitors has the most compelling and carefully written content in all the pages. See how you can apply the same technique they use in the order for you to give your visitors compelling and reader-friendly content.


Sometimes too much or little navigation elements on the website makes user experience difficult. Labels, Buttons, Text, Icons & Symbols may have different meaning to your visitors versus their intended purposes.

Having clear and easy to understand navigation elements allow your visitors to easily move from page to page without annoying them.


Using the right images on your business website is not just for aesthetics. Products and services should not look boring. Remember that these days, website visitor looks at graphics and share them if they found it interesting.

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