How to integrate & use Zoho CRM with Zoho CRM Lead Magnet Plugin

Do you use Zoho Sites and do you need to create new webforms? The forms can be simple and at the same time almost essential. With Zoho Sites you have the possibility of integrating different forms for the collection of new leads that are subsequently integrated into your Zoho CRM or third applications. We already know that if we use Zoho Sites, we can insert web forms created in Zoho CRM to capture new leads … But, what if you use WordPress? Would not you like to be able to insert your web forms in the same way so that your leads could enter directly into your CRM? For Zoho it is very important that the user works comfortably with their CRM, that is why the integration with WordPress Contact Form allows integrating web forms in the same way as in Zoho Sites. If you have your website in WordPress, you can follow this Method to integrate.

zoho features

Benefits of using web forms:

  1. Easily create forms in Zoho CRM for data collection of new registrations Etc
  2. Automate the process of entering new leads in your CRM and assign it to your users
  3. Control spam by creating the mandatory numbering field when creating your form in Zoho CRM
  4. Send personalized automatic messages to the visitors of your web just fill in the form
  5. Use the mail alerts between the users of your CRM every time a new lead has registered

Introducing the Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plugin for WordPress. This allows you to create webforms, embed them in your website, and automatically capture leads immediately into your CRM with zero attenuation.

How to integrate Zoho CRM webform to contact form 7?

There is a very simple way to integrate contact form 7 and Zoho CRM contacts using a plugin downloadable from here .

  1. Install the Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plug-in. Go to Zoho Form Builder

zoho crm form builder

2. Create a form using Zoho CRM web forms or Contact form 7 plug-in.

Create Zoho or ContactForm

3. Configure the settings for your form.

zoho form settings

4.Use the short code to embed the form.

Zoho CRM Lead Magnet shortcode

5.A prospect’s information is automatically captured upon entering your site. All that’s left is lead nurturing.

zoho information captured

For organizations that need to boost their sites, the Zoho CRM Lead Capture module for WordPress CMS is a perfect Solution.


If you have questions to create forms or do not clarify to use Zoho CRM… talk to our support team, we will handle your question and we will answer you as soon as possible.