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Tap2Review is an app designed to help people with a disability review their communities in regards to disability accessibility – particularly for Assistance Dog/Service Dog teams.

Tap2Review is brought to you by Please Don’t Pat Me Australia. Please Don’t Pat Me Australia focuses on raising awareness and support for Australian Assistance Dog Teams, however it has been our goal to make sure Tap2Review is of benefit to any English speaking person with a disability – including people with a vision impairment.

Tap2Review allows you to search for any location or business listed in Google Places API and leave a detailed review. These reviews are then searchable by other users when they look up the location. Locations can be searched by name or category. Such as “The Coffee Hut” or “Cafe”. Once a review has been left for the location you will be able to see how many stars it was given and if it was reviewed as wheelchair accessible and assistance dog/service dog friendly along with a text field that allows the user to leave additional comments.

In addition to the search and review function Tap2Review provides additional information relevant to Australian Assistance Dog Teams such as easy access to the laws pertaining to assistance dogs and what happens if the laws are broken. There is also a complaint form to contact Please Don’t Pat Me Australia should an assistance dog team experience disability discrimination and wish to access our advocacy service.

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