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Students Serving Washington Awards is to recognize and encourage higher education students to become engaged in solving critical issues in their communities, nation and world, through service projects and entrepreneurship.

SSWA seeks to recognize these outstanding civic leaders and engage the broader community in supporting students who apply their knowledge, skills, leadership, and compassion to solve critical community and global issues.

This is the website for the students for maintaining their dashboard and uploading the tutorial.During registering and completing the entire form the admin approval is required for the student to edit their profile page.

Student can upload Video , image with tags, social media sharing and descriptions with drag and drop functionality.

It also have the option for voting connected with IPaddress as one at the time the voting can be done from 1 IP address. It also include the separate section for “students” and “university”.

Solution Highlights:

  • Custom Theme Design implementation.
  • Responsive as per Google standards.
  • Voting system connected with IP address
  • Drag and drop feature
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