An Excellent Developer than Just a Coder

An Excellent Developer than Just a Coder

A better developer is a coder who can understand and code a lot more just CRUD.

Our Skills , experience , dialogue or whatever you can say, “An excellent developer than just a better coder” is the sentence which many people repeatedly say during the interviews when they are asked about their Skill/strength.

We say so because we feel so

Real Scenario: we get more than 50 youngsters among 100 who do coding, obviously irrespective of language and platform. But out of them, 6-8 coders are actually better developers.

The Difference….

We use to give the same example as to explain the difference between the two, it goes like this

Suppose three walls (all made of bricks) are built forming “U” Shape, and you ask 2 persons to build the fourth wall to form the closed diagram. Now, we are sure that the 1st person who thinks like coder will build that forth wall completely and nicely, but will miss to apply the little extra effort in it, and will not think that 4 wall forming a closed diagram is a room (Or hall) and room is useless without the door in it and so the person won’t leave any gap in the newly made wall for the “Door”, so to fix this he or she has to break the wall and do finishing work which result in under-performance.


Now don’t misunderstand us that we are talking as if we don’t get error while coding or you should not get any error. Errors and warnings are the part of development.

Also we are not here to guide or prove how to achieve the perfection in development, because as per our point of view it does not exist. But yet shouldn’t you try to become a better and better developer? Of course you should and guess what we are here to help you out through our experience.

Tips to improve yourself as an Excellent Developer

  • Analyze deeply: As we all know this is the basic and the 1st point of web development life cycle. But our question is that should we do analysis for Web development only? NO. Analysis is required in each stage of development. Do not start to do code as soon as task is assigned, examine the task and the parts where the task can affect. We know the hard rock deadlines keep us apart from ‘Analysis’ phase, but again if it is not practiced then it will be difficult for you to recognize “The Door” thing before starting the job.
  • Plan the code: Planning code is important for optimization. While planning the code, just think the different ways of accomplishing the same task, you will definitely find more than one but out of that choose the optimized one. Believe us, when you will practice it will feel good (And that’s what matter).The last and weird one is…
  • Be Happy when get Errors: Even if you analyze and plan the code, error won’t leave you so easily. And error moment should be happy moment. Yes, you heard it right, you should be happy when you get errors, You should be happy thinking that when you will solve this error, you will know one more way to get rid of this error which will eventually increase your analysis and code planning skill, and this way you will start moving in the direction to become a Excellent developer.


Open up your mind and “Develop yourself as a Developer”